Barry Shipman, DMD, PA

Miami Beach, Florida 33140

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As a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist Dr. Shipman treats patients with complex and unusual conditions of the mouth and head and face. Following are a few clinical situations.

Obturator Prosthesis

Before VeneersAfter Veneers  

Fabrication of an obturator prosthesis using dental implants to retain and support the prothesis for a cancer patient.

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Orbital Prosthesis

Before WhiteningAfter Whitening  

A patient who has had cancer surgery with the loss of and eye and facial anatomy. An orbital/facial prosthesis is fabricated to replace the lost anatomical structures.

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Cleft Palette

Before White FillingsAfter White Fillings  

A patient with a cleft palate and the loss of teeth and bone. A prosthesis is used to replace the missing teeth and tissues.

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Dr. Barry Shipman is a prosthodontist with a specialty in maxillofacial prosthetics in Miami.
Dr. Barry Shipman is licensed as a prosthetic dentist in the State of Florida.

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